Dental Health 101

Bad breath is caused by tiny bacteria in your mouth. That bacteria has an important job: to break down the food debris left in your mouth after you eat or drink! Sadly, this bacteria causes a sulfur by-product which can smell terrible. Have you ever started a conversation with someone, only to realize that one of you (who is it??), has appalling bad breath?

Bad breath, a.k.a., Halitosis can cause significant worry, embarrassment and anxiety but, it is relatively easy to remedy. In some conditions, the smell may be caused by poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, certain foods (garlic, onions…) or even infections in your mouth.

When was the last time you had a dental cleaning?

  • Halitosis is frequently a result of tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Dental problems can often be lurking around in your mouth unbeknownst to you.
  • Quick fixes like mints and gum just cover up the real problem.  

Identifying gingivitis and other dental issues can be quicker and easier to solve than you imagine! Trust us as your dental provider and we can work together to get your bad breath in check.