Great Gadgets


You just left the house in a rush, like always. Then, it hits you. “Did I remember to close the garage door?!” Whether you keep valuable tools and/or sports equipment or have a crystal clean garage, we all know making sure it is secure and safe from theft is important. What you may not know is that there is something out there to help you with that with more bells and whistles than you can imagine.

What makes this opener so cool: the app function and module add-ons. Two handy things you can do remotely with the app: check if the garage is open or closed, and then close or open it; turn the garage light on/off.

Then, there are a bunch of modules (basically accessories you can plug into your opener)! Can we say retractable overhead power cord and Bluetooth speaker? It is the perfect motivation to get some of those projects on your to do list done while jamming out. You can also get a fan and a park assist module for getting you into the tiny spot you’ve left yourself to park in.

Super quiet and easy to install, keep this opener in mind if you need a new one or just want to maximize workable space at your home.  Check one out a